How to Turn On and Off The New Twitter Timeline

Never miss important Tweets from people you follow” is the new twitter feature that gives users the option to see tweets from people who they are interested in.

This feature sorts out tweets based on relevancy rather than chronology.

The new, best-tweets-first Twitter timeline is currently opt-in, meaning it’s off by default, and you have to turn it on yourself to try it out.

The feature might become opt-out (i.e. enabled by default, but users are able to turn it off) in the future, but we’ll talk about that when we get there. Without further ado, here’s where to find the feature if it’s been enabled for your account.

On desktop

Log into your account on and go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Content.”
The new feature will be under “Timeline;” to turn it off, tick the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.”

On iOS

In the Twitter app, tap the gear icon and select “Settings,” then choose the account whose settings you’d like to adjust. Then go to “Timeline,” tap “Timeline personalization,” and tick the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.”

On Android

Tap the overflow icon, tap “Settings,” then “Timeline” and tick the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.”


This change has arguably caused the greatest amount of hand-wringing from Twitter’s users, but at this very early stage it seems Twitter has listened to its users by limiting and hiding the feature in the Settings section.

The change to the timeline – as the homepage is known – is also designed to appeal to advertisers by giving more prominence to tweets that advertisers pay for to promote products.



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