The Eastern African Music Summit – ONGEA! 2016

The Kenya Music Week has re-branded to ONGEA! .The Kenya Music Week has seen the Industry achieve tremendous objectives over the years and would now like to broaden the Scope of the Event but still operating under the three pillars of Trade, Learn and Showcase.

Over the years since its inception, this has been a must-attend event for business-savvy musicians who wanted to transform their trade into professional and profitable businesses.

Objectives of the Summit

adawnage bandThe Summit targets countries in East Africa including the Indian Ocean Islands and will bring together musicians, producers, promoters, media and government entities running for four days.
The forum hopes to Action the collaborative Development of the Eastern Africa Music Industry, market Eastern Africa Music as a Trading Block and broaden Funding sources for Start-ups among other key objectives.

The summit will see attendees entertained to their fill as it has attracted different musicians including Adawnage Band, Cannibal, H_art The Band, Jay A, Kidum, Sally Oyugi, Suzan Kerunen, Ms. Okinda and for the rock lovers, Parking Lot Grass will also be there. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss, thank me later after attending it.


Social Media and Blogging Training

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) will be carrying out a training on blogging and social media during the Summit that runs from the 28th to the 31st January at the Sarit Centre Expo. The training will be on Friday 29th January from 9am to 12pm.

This is a great opportunity for musicians and other attendees, to learn and understand rules and policies surrounding the blogosphere and online space lest they fall prey to the online corps like some of the outspoken bloggers we all know of here in Kenya, not mentioning names.

For musicians and other users who aren’t blogging or using social media, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to grow your brand and your business. Blogs will help you improve the impact of your social media marketing and improve your search engine optimization. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover exactly how to use blogs and social media to grow yourself and your business.

We have all witnessed the power of social media here in Kenya and can attest that all we need to do is trend and anything can happen. The government fears twitter and now MCSK fears it even more. Just recently, a renowned music group, Elani took advantage of social media to run a campaign aimed at forcing MCSK to be transparent on how they collect and distribute artistes’ royalties. Through this campaign, other musicians also came up to express their disappointment in MCSK and it won’t take long before we see action taken against the rogue MCSK officials.

The Training will focus on the following Topics:

  • Personal online branding and management,
    Writing skills and readership,
    Understanding Copyright and fair use,
    Social Media ethics,
    Content ownership, originality and authenticity,
    Using social media to market your brand.

To attend this training, please register here by Friday, 22nd January 2016.



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