Let’s Try Alternative New Year Resolutions

We all love making resolutions, don’t we? Fortunately or unfortunately, we keep writing the same resolutions year in year out. Is it that hard to accomplish even half of them? Is it because we write too many of them that we can’t accomplish by the end of the year? The hard part is deciding if it is money we have to look for or implementing our personal manifestos.

Do these resolutions sound familiar?

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit
    Quit Smoking
    Eat a Healthier Diet
    Save and save and save
    Spend More Time with Family

We all want to live better, healthier, happier and more financially stable. Happiness is tied to our money. Why not try something different this year to boost your happiness and revitalize your life?
Well, this is the year to try alternative resolutions. I know majority of us have that friend whose sole purpose in life is only to look for you when they are in trouble but when everything is rosy, you will never hear or see them. They borrow money and promise to return it the following day or the following week “kampango kakiivana”. You meet them the following week or month and they assume you’ve forgotten.They forget that no one forgets about money, hard earned Kenyan money.

These are the kind of people to ditch in 2016.

IMG_20160104_141643Something else to consider is venturing into business. Yes, become an innovator or entrepreneur. Or tougher resolutions like you will not buy any groceries but plant your own, doorstep gardening would do. I made this resolution last year and am glad I did it, though towards the end of the year. You can see the progress(Inset).


And finally for those who have always thought about themselves, it is time to also think about other people. Simply charity. Have you ever considered visiting a children’s home or a prison or a hospital for charity purposes. And by charity I don’t mean just donation. It can be mentorship or even going to pray for the sick in hospitals.

Great! Let’s get to work and make 2016 fruitful.



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  1. Great read! Charity is definitely the way to go for me.

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