Request Uber Ride From Your Facebook Messenger

Uber-on-Messenger_banner@1xIt’s now possible for one to request an Uber ride right from their Facebook messenger app.
The Messenger app will now actually show a car icon above the spot where you type messages, and will also house a “Transportation” option when you tap the three-dot menu.

It doesn’t explicitly say “Uber” because the ride-sharing service is Facebook’s first transportation partner, which means similar services could be coming soon. Once you grab the latest Messenger update, all you have to do is connect your existing Uber account or set up a new one within Messenger.

Tapping the icon requests a ride, and you will receive updates on the driver’s status and the feature will notify whoever is in the chat that you have a ride on the way. The integration is pretty handy, as it even lets you pay for the ride through the app, as well as keep track of your ride and payment history. So if you’re a heavy Facebook Messenger user, you don’t exactly need the Uber app. But if you’re not the sort to share your transportation details with friends or family, you should probably keep it around.

You can also share your current Uber trip with people through Messenger to notify them when you’ll arrive.

With the new integration, Facebook and Uber are offering users a free ride, up to $20, for the first time you use this feature, and you don’t need to be a first-time Uber user.

Unfortunately, the new service is still in testing and will be available to certain users where Uber operates in the U.S., then roll out to more areas and partners later.



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