Eurobond: Who’s Playing Who?

Is this a game of blame? Who is to blame for the Eurobond saga? The prosecutor becomes the prosecuted. It’s funny how things unveil themselves. But yet we can only open our eyes wide and watch but we know it’s always the grass that gets injured when two elephants are fighting.

Why is it so hard for “them” to get clear on the issue and stop playing with us a hide and seek game? It’s becoming very boring indeed. Even 140 billion shillings is no easy job for a hardworking straight forward Kenyan, but for those who loot taxpayers money, this is no big deal.

Kenyans are hemorrhaging money to service a debt for which there is no clarity as to how precisely it was used. The president is duty-bound and should be ready to be asked questions because it is his responsibility to Kenyans to answer and not to threaten those asking questions.

The cord party leader had been invited by the EACC but insisted he would not honor EACC summons to shed light on claims that the Government cannot account for billions of shillings, arguing he was a whistle blower.

He is acting in trust, the public interest, and for the nation to do what will ensure justice and truth is arrived at, so he said.

Why at each saga should some individuals behave like victims yet they are the criminals? Just being rhetoric: Kenyans need answers.

But it’s only right if this issue is addressed with evidence to the constitutionally mandated organ charged with investigating such crimes.

There is a need for clarity on the Eurobond not only because doing so will make many of us sleep better but also because Kenyans are owed an explanation as to how their money was actually used.

But a warning from Mr. Namwamba”I’m warning Jubilee. Raila blew the whistle on Waiguru .It turned out to be the truth. Let them wait until they see what will come out.”



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