Want to create posts that people can’t wait to share?

Content marketing might seem daunting because it’s a long-term commitment and we generally look for instant results, but that mustn’t stop you from investing into it if you know what you have to gain from it.
When creating content over and over again, it is really easy to get stuck in that rut of telling our audience what they should be doing.

This year has seen many brands spending more on content co-creation with industry influencers, customers, and their communities. Contribution in content creation invests a brand’s network in the success of the content, for mutual value and a 360 degrees win.

Do you want to maximize the social media ROI for your posts and stand out among the sea of content being churned out every day?

It all starts with your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Use Stories: Social media is flooded with communication, which creates overlooking of most of the messages unless we find them interesting or useful. Perfect for encouraging engagement and fostering leads, stories help brands support consumers to the emotional aspect of the brand. Appeal to your audience’s emotions and create stories through user generated content for optimum recognition.

Focus on visuals: Focus on infographics, memes, shareable images and engaging banners. Images into your blog, email marketing, social media marketing, and even offline will help you boost your results.
More personalization: People have started to be more selective with content they read and in the brand choices they make. The successful strategy will depend on how best you understand the consumer expectations, aspirations and needs; and then deliver accordingly. Look out for topical content and personal conversations you can be part of, in order to engage and increase your outreach.

Leverage controversy: If some people hate it and others love it, it’s more likely to get shared. Controversial topics affect people’s willingness to talk about them. A recent study on content marketing found out that content on moderately controversial topics had, on average, more comments than content on highly controversial topics.

Moderately controversial topics tend to evoke just enough anger to have an impact, which is the most effective emotive trigger for creating viral content.

Use videos effectively: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat are investing heavily in making it easier for smartphone owners to create video content. Videos are helping in bringing consumer sustenance and grabbing the attention of varied audiences.

Include mobile driven content in your strategy: With the penetration of Internet services and smart phones , mobile driven marketing is expected to grow during 2016. Brands need to keep reinventing themselves as far as content marketing in the coming year is concerned because mobile as a medium has the potential to be of crucial importance in building relationships.

In summary, a successful brand content strategy depends on two important factors: understanding market trends with a continuous application and generating stories through experiences.

Content is more likely to be shared if it is funny, moving, illuminating, inspiring, shocking, cute, controversial or sexy, or if it leaves the user feeling fearful or in awe.



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