The Dark Side of Chewing Miraa


A new study by dons from Moi University has now proven that consumption of miraa affects sexual performance among men. Lukoye Atwoli said that the ingredients in the plant also affected the quality of sperm after long use.

Lead scientist Ochiba Lukanda said that a similar study conducted in the Middle East had proven that men who stopped chewing the plant performed well in bed.

This just confirms the many cases of Nyeri men being battered by their wives. Married Nyeri women are sexually starved and are living with “babies” because their men drink and chew miraa uncontrolably and this has reduced them into zombies that can’t perform their marital responsibilities. We can clearly understand why they “nyofoa” their husbands’ transformers.

Dr Lukanda also confirmed that the consumption of the drug also results in a rise in blood pressure but it does not cause cancer as has been reported in some quarters.

Dr Atwoli noted that miraa also causes some mental disorders like mood swings and depression.
Miraa is a prohibited substance in some countries and in international sports. You are automatically disqualified from participating in international tournaments such as the Olympic Games and World Cup Football if detected to have used miraa.

Remember when Kenya Airways reported a record-setting Sh26 billion net loss for the year ended March 2015 – one year after the UK joined other European nations in outlawing khat on grounds of the health risks it poses to consumers, including mouth cancer and depression.

Men are the majority users and therefore most affected. The chemicals in miraa make your body to produce excessive amounts of sperm without you being sexually aroused.

In extreme cases, men are forced to wear nappies or several underpants because sometimes the sperms ooze out uncontrollably. In women, the dehydrating effect of miraa dries the lining of the reproductive tract leading to pain during sexual intercourse and blistering.



It’s up to miraa users to choose whether they want to stop it or continue using it. Lucky you if you don’t use khat, at least you can become an ambassador in spreading the gospel about effects of chewing  miraa. Knowledge is Power.




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