Kenyans on Social Media React to Waiguru’s Resignation

The Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning, Anne Waiguru, finally bowed to pressure and tendered her resignation on 21 November 2015.

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Her resignation follows a series of graft allegations in her ministry, the latest being the procurement of various items in her office at exaggerated prices.

President Kenyatta, who now has six CS out of his Cabinet due to corruption allegations, was said to have already started plans to replace Ms Waiguru.

On Sunday, President Kenyatta declined to speak about Ms Waiguru when he attended a church function in Karen, Nairobi.
“Once pictures of her family started getting into social media, she decided it was too much. She could no longer handle the threat that it posed to her family,” said the source on her staff. One of the photos showed her son driving an expensive car — which he has since denied owning.
“I have therefore, following my doctor’s advice — who is sitting next to me — requested his Excellency the President to relieve me of the responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning and should he find it fit, to accord me such lighter duties as he shall deem appropriate,” she said, her voice tinged with emotion
The above statement sent KOT into a frenzy, using the hashtag #WaiguruResigns, and as expected, they could not resist the urge of giving it a humorous twist.


Here are some of the tweets;



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