President Uhuru Kenyatta Declares War On Corruption

The government has launched a fight against corruption in the country due to increasing cases of corruption pointedly one in the ministry of Devolution and Planning.

The president in his speech said that every company seeking to work with the government at the National and county level will have to sign an approved Business code of Ethics domiciled in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority. Therefore any business that fails to comply will be terminated and this disqualification will not only apply to the business entity but also to its directors.

The government has vowed to bring back the spirit of selfless service. And become stronger players in the diplomatic arena in encouraging actions that promote global financial integrity. Corruption is deeply rooted in Kenya and it is therefore made clear that Kenya is going to be inhospitable to corruption as it is for terrorism financing.

All entities involved are urged to enact similar laws for its known that bribery knows no boundaries. Is this a case of a fighting but a losing nation? Or should we say an adamant one.

“How can we fight corruption when it starts within us?” We have witnessed more of these talks but it seems like they are all rhetorical. It’s time Kenyans saw real actions being taken. How about all officials in government accused of corruption brought to books. How about Kenyan jails be for the looters of the economy and not just the petty offenders and less powerful innocent persons, while the real criminals walk freely for they can always buy freedom through their corrupt ways.

The address was received with a lot of skepticism on social media under the hashtag #StateOfTheNation;

Kenyatta’s nearly three-year-old regime has come under heavy criticism for inaction against graft which American Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec earlier this month described as a crisis. In fact economic corruption should be considered a great offense.

And yes, the law is going to protect whistleblowers, so don’t be afraid to speak out in case you spot any suspicious actions like a government institution procuring at a price higher than the market price.

It is high time Kenyans thought right and refused to be cheated….. Guess the fight against corruption is going to be a lifetime fight



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