5 Popular Tor Search Engines to Scour for Information From  the Deep Web

The human race is a species of progression. We have progressed from agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution and now we are in the information revolution. Advancements in information technology have greatly helped in storage processing, transmission and exploitation of information to satisfy peoples, companies, societies and governments growing need for information.

Today, the internet is the unrivaled source of information resources around the globe. Most of the Information gathered over the last 20 centuries has been digitized and published on the internet. However, according to researchers only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public. This means the remaining 96% is not visible to the public. This is what makes up the Deep web.

Majority of people think that the Deep web is where all manner of illegal and questionable activities happen.  It is a common misconception as they assume the deep web is synonymous with the Dark net- a subset of the deep web with sites that deal in illegal drugs, counterfeits among others. We covered this in –Things you should know before you delve into the Dark net, if you are not up to speed.

The Deep web as nefarious as the name sounds is as mundane as the surface internet only that it’s shrouded in secrecy. It has web sites that contain data and information from large databases, libraries, and member’s only websites from all over the world. What sets it apart is the fact that it cannot be accessed via typical search engines like Google or Bing. You need to have a Tor browser installed to access deep web sites.

The following are 5 of the most popular search engines that can be used to search for information from Tor pages in the deep web.

  • Searx

Link: http://5plvrsgydwy2sgce.onion/

Searx is a deep web search engine but it displays results for your query from Clear net only. Display results include a short description, site title and site link. You can use Advanced Settings and Preferences option for custom setting. Searx cares about your privacy; they don’t store any information about their users and share any info with third party. It is open source software and completely free. You can check code of Searx at Github (https://github.com/asciimoo/searx).

  • Not Evil

Link: http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/

Search Tor: If you want to search any query on the deep web, and want to find some good results then you can try not Evil Search Engine. The Not Evil search engine has more than 16189136 hidden links indexed.

  • Haystak

Link: http://haystakvxad7wbk5.onion/

Haystak is newly launched dark web search engine. They claim they have indexed 1.5 billion pages over 260,000 onions. Haystak is developed with the aim to provide a fast and comprehensive dark web search engine to deep web users. They have two plans one is free and second is premium.  They offer some advanced services in premium version like the  ir machine learning engine to search your query, access to visa card numbers, email addresses, getting email alert when new content appears matching your search term and many more.

  • DuckDuckGo

Link: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

This is most popular anonymous search engine. Millions of people use this dark web links every day to find required results. This dark web search engine doesn’t track your activity.

  • Ahmia

Link: http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/

If you are not satisfied with above deep web search engines, then consider Ahmia. Ahmia is another popular search engine to browse Tor Network. But if you are thinking to explore abuse material, then Ahmia is not right choice for you since they had blacklisted abuse material. It is an open source project. Searching is easy like other tor search engine. Simple put your query into search box and hit enter. You will get desired result links.