Kenya Voter Registration Begins: Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility

Kenya begins mass voter registration on Monday ahead of the country’s General elections in August next year. This is an exercise aimed at registering only those who were not registered in the run up to the General Elections in 2013 are 18 years and above and possess a valid Kenyan Identity.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) aims to register at least 4 million eligible voters during the month long process.

The exercise has seen many leaders ask their supporters to turn out in large numbers and take part in a process that will see them choose a leader of their choice.

There were 14.3 Million registered voters in 2013, the commission hopes to up that number by a third.

The commission says it has deployed more than 5,700 Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits.

The opposition has however skewed the allocation of the BVR kits, arguing that the pro government zones have been favored.

The Young African Leaders Initiative offers an online course that seeks to educate and inform on the role of citizens in the electoral process, and provide guidance on how to exercise civic responsibility and hold candidates and officials accountable – before, during, and after elections. Individual lessons in this course cover general information on the voting process, grassroots organizing for campaigns, and practical skill development for capacity building and advocacy.


After going through the learning material, you can take the quiz to earn a certificate upon successful completion.

Why Register

  • Voting provides an opportunity to choose a leader of your choice
  • Voting provides an opportunity to vie in elections. By law, only registered voters are allowed to vie for elections.
  • You safeguard your rights and freedoms as provided for in the constitution
  • You give legitimacy to leaders. By electing their leaders, voters give their consent to be led by whoever they have chosen and to reject those who fail to sufficiently represent their interests

Remember, the only way to advocate about the issues you care about, is to arm yourself with a voice. And that’s your vote.



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