National Exams are Over. What Next For KNUT, Students and Teachers?

Finally KCPE and KCSE Exams are over and a good number of students in the village think they are done with school. The exams were done in a very tight atmosphere filled with exam malpractices and after a very long strike by teachers.

Our education sector has been at stake for the last 9 years with rampant cases of striking teachers. Striking has now become the norm if you want to get what rightfully belongs to you here in Kenya. It all started by striking teachers demanding for a 50-60% salary increment, something that had been earlier agreed upon by the concerned parties: the government and unions. A strike that took close to two months. The result being students affected and mostly in public schools.

Upon court assurance, our loyal and understanding teachers decided to go back to school for the commencement of the National exam (KCSE). With many cases of exam leakage being experienced all over on social media, which was enough evidence to see something wrong with the education ministry. The ministry, just like the others we all know of defended itself leaving the poor Kenyans to talk over inquiry and prosecution of the perpetrators.
This brings a question of half-baked students in our institutions. Was it a plot out of the teachers strike? Definitely something to ponder on. Upon the completion of KCSE came KCPE. The first paper mathematics having been leaked again. We thought social media was here for the better but apparently the leakage of the national exams proved otherwise. Is this becoming a trend or what? A fact is teachers are demotivated: meaning the teaching standards are way low the bridge but students have to pass on the other hand.

The court on the other hand decides to revoke the decision of teachers being entitled to their salary increment. As that continues, the president decides to “intervene” between the two rivaling parties. First start by withdrawing their cases from the courts so that mediation and agreement can be reached upon. Is it a trick to manipulate one group? I don’t know, let’s just wait and see then. Will teachers have a smile out of that?
The other day KNUT officials led by KNUT chairman Mudzo Nzili visited the state house without being accompanied by Sossion, something the secretary general has condemned in the strongest terms possible. Apparently, the secretary general insists that the strike is still on and is not aware of any agreement between the union and the state.

Meanwhile as we wait for the investigations, agreements to be settled on, KCPE is done, schools yet to close in a few days and results to be released in a few months. Will anything have been done? I guess time will tell.



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